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Data protection officer as a service

This service is a pragmatic and economic solution for organizations to satisfy the mandate of the GDPR. Our team of qualified lawyers and experienced professionals walk you through the regulatory compliance and assessments to protect sensitive data of your business and customers.

Data Protection Officer

Ensure privacy compliance by appointing a DPO. DPO independently guides an organisation to stay in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

Regulatory Assessment

Regulatory Process Implementation is a process comprised of practical implementation of privacy controls. Adopt privacy-by-design in the business processes.

Regulatory Process Implementation

We formulate regulatory implementation and customize it to your organizations needs thereby helping you adopt a “privacy-by-design” approach in the business processes.

Vendor Assessment

Vendor privacy breaches can expose the organization to huge fines of up to 20 million euros or 4% of the global turnover. Assess your vendors and reduce the privacy risks.

Privacy Risk Management

Avoid the loss of confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA) of personal data through of Privacy Risk Management.

Product Assessment

Incorporate Privacy by design and privacy by default in your product. This process arms they product with the regulatory compliance at its earliest designing or making stage.

Privacy Program Development

Take the first step towards privacy readiness with developing a privacy program for your organization. This process administers and governs personal information’s entire lifecycle starting from its collection till it gets deleted or disposed off..

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