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Managed privacy program

Do you have an ambition to take your privacy program to the next level (or start it!), but lack bandwidth or knowledge internally to get it done? Outsource your privacy program to us, and we will not only help you understand what needs to happen next, we will drive the change.

Outsource your privacy program

Free up internal resources and get the expertise of seasoned professionals.

Let us drive the change

We’ll help you prioritise what to act on first, and then we’ll make it happen.

Combining product and professional services

A consultant will be assigned to you to assist with data mapping, gap analysis, and setting priorities for managing present risks. But in order to actively support the firm and avert issues in the future, we’ll also provide you with training and develop an internal governance framework.

Tailored for your needs

We will establish a plan that sounds plausible to you based on who you are, your degree of development at the time, your aspirations, your risk tolerance, and the resources you have. Together, we’ll decide what your long-term goals are, and we’ll support you as you go forward.

Technology to ensure long term quality and efficiency

No attempt ends up being a one-off undertaking because of our privacy management software. It will be a long-lasting and business-integrated new privacy programme for you.