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Penetration testing Services provided by Orbisecure

Orbisecure has an exhaustive blend of all the necessary processes to offer pentesting services to your organisation. We help you with requisite cybersecurity compliances and stamp out related risks by revealing how hackers can exploit your information security system.

Application Penetration Testing (WebApp and Mobile App)

We help software development teams focus on creation/innovation by solving their security challenges.

External Network PT

External network pentest helps organizations to get an assurance on how resilient their IT infrastructure is against today’s advanced attacks launched by attackers.

AWS Penetration Testing

With the increasing data breaches and technological attacks, it’s important to ensure security especially when cloud structure is still a mystery and needs a lot of investigation from the security point of view.

Secure Code Review

Most of the vulnerabilities in applications are due to security loopholes arising out of insecure coding practices. A Source Code security review is the best and an effective mechanism to code-level security flaws in business applications.

Red Team

A goal based adversarial activity, necessary for the holistic view of the organisation from an adversary perspective. This exercise is conducted as a demonstration to how real-world attackers combine seemingly unrelated exploits to flourish.

Config Review (Network Devices)

Configuration review is a detailed review and verification of configuration settings of IT infrastructure components including systems, network devices & applications to measure the security effectiveness of the IT environment.

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