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Security Operations Centre

Security Operations Centre services to help your organisation detect and respond to cyber threats for ensuring Business Continuity

What is a security operation centre

The Security Operation Center, or SOC, is a central location from which an organization’s complete IT infrastructure is supervised in order to help prevent, detect, and mitigate cyber attacks. The individuals who work there use a variety of security technologies that are installed in a SOC to help prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats. Organizations need to get stronger in preventing, detecting, and responding to threats as they evolve to avoid being stopped by traditional signature-based defenses. A cyber security operations center offers businesses the capacity they require, round-the-clock. Any organization looking to improve its cyber maturity should make building a SOC capability a top goal.

With full transparency and a deep understanding of your full IT estate, We continuously monitor 24/7/365 across on-premise (physical & virtual), cloud (public & private) and hybrid infrastructures, endpoints (remote & local), and software (local & SaaS),

Key functions a Managed SOC undertakes includes:

Our Approach


Gap analysis

End-to-end Threat Visibility

Orbisecure helps you to achieve complete threat visibility, to take measurable action and protect your system from all kinds of software vulnerabilities and malicious activities.

Business Continuity

Quick alerts help you stay alerted and ensure the operational continuity of an organization.

Safeguarding Digital Assets

Our SOC services allow you to stay protective and proactive.

Why us?

Orbisecure provides you with a holistic assessment of your product and the best possible solutions to mitigate, minimize and monitor the risks in your products with highly trained and experienced code reviewers who provide a customized experience to each customer, providing them with comprehensive reports that help our customers to have an in-depth understanding of risks and their corresponding business impact.